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Background Tile 6

Hubble Collection 2 -

Seamless Tile Background Image Based On Hubble Space Image

Please Note: All these images tile BEAUTIFULLY.

Many have been hand-corrected for extra good seamless results!


Hubble distant stars background tile


Made from a closeup of a hubble space picture -

far  stars background tile


Stingray Nebula Hubble based background tile.


There are lots and lots of star and space backgrounds that are artificially generated or just bits of white stuck on a black background - I think it's nice to have the real deal in star backgrounds. Real detail from a hubble space picture, seamless background, and these are galaxies, not stars!



This is one of my all time favourites, from the Pleiades,

seamless background made from a Hubble image


Green Pleiades Star Background


Dark blue version - I just *love* these ...


Seamless star background made from a

Hubble space photograph



Pleiades - seamless background tile based

on a detail from the Pleiades Constellation via Hubble


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